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Katy Collier is a Minneapolis based artist who works primarily in woodcut, drawing and writing. Collier received her MFA in 2009 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her BA in 2006 from Whittier College.

The Nemeth Art Center in Park Rapids presents the third annual Midwest Multiples, a juried show of prints and books. The exhibition continues to show the best of print and book culture from across the region. Reception: August 9, 5-7pm

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Highpoint Center for Printmaking is pleased to present SILVER, an exhibition of prints by members of its artists’ studio cooperative. This summer’s show, the 25th Highpoint Cooperative exhibition, features the work of 37 local printmakers currently working in Highpoint’s facilities.

Nearly 90 pieces were selected by the co-op’s curatorial committee for exhibition. Printmaking methods represented include lithography, relief, intaglio, screenprinting, monotype, and collograph. The prints will be on view and available for purchase July 18 – August 23, 2014.


Participating Artists: Zac Adams-Bliss, Roberta Allen, Megan Anderson, Nancy Ariza, Kat Aymeloglu, Joshua Bindewald, James Boyd Brent, Meg Bussey, Pamela Carberry, Katy Collier, Christine Cosentino, Mike Elko, Travis Erickson, Damla Erten, Lauren Flynn, Bryn Gleason, Sally Gordon, Tyler Green, Kelsey Henderson, Therese Krupp, Dana LeMoine, Jeremy Lundquist, Jane Nelson Meyer, Nuno Nuñez, John Pearson, Amira Pualwan, Eileen Rieman-Schaut, Allison Roberts, Miriam Rudolph, Alex Rush, Mary Schaubschlager, Kurt Seaberg, Madison Sternig, Anda Tanaka, Clara Ueland, Ellen Wold, Sarita Zaleha

Opening Reception: July 18, 6:30 – 9:00 pm

On View: July 18, 2014 – August 23, 2014

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Weird Neighbor and Somethin’s Rippin at SOOlocal - SooVAC →

January 11th- Weird Neighbor: an exhibition of singular works by the 52 most attractive and successful artists in America. Un-curated by Slovenian art theorist, Ecurb Alopat.

Featuring the work of 52 artists at various stages of their careers. Each artist will be represented by one small work that must co-exist with its weird neighbor.

Participating Artists: Aaron Arson, Ute Bertog, Sam Bray, Allen Brewer, Ryan Brink, Emily Brown, Kirstie Brengman, Brian Downs, Adam Caillier, Andrea Carlson, Mollie Christianson, Katy Collier, Dan Eliszewski, Katelyn Farstad, Josh Fay, Clea Felien, Lizzi Feldhege, John Fleischer, David Froelich, Claire Frucci, Cameron Gainer, Sherri Gill, Geoffrey Hamerlinck, Peter Happel-Christian, Robert Heid, Jay Heikes, Alexa Horochowski, Adam Lewis, Janet Lobberecht, Quinn McClurg, Claire Mielke, Nicky Mooreson, Michael Mott, Jennifer Nevitt, Bailey Ogle, Kelsey Olson, David Pederson, Jesse Peterson, Melba Price, Crystal Quinn, Justin Quinn, Luke Salisbury, Joe Sinness, Jake Spriggs, Lindsay Stassen, Josh Stulen, Tony Sunder, Oakley Tapola, Pamela Valfer, Josh Wilichowski, Tom Wixo, Matt Yaeger.

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Blocks and prints made as a resident at Brush Creek.

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